COMP-1-November 20, 2015Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to flick through my work. My name is Kristian Lissimore. I am a contemporary documentation wedding photographer, based in Essex.

I have lived in Colchester, Essex all my life apart from three years away for University. I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire back in November 2014, with a BA in photography. I am very passionate about what I do, I love the exciting opportunities that come from my line of work and I am always up for any new challenge that awaits me.

I feel that getting on with your photographer is something that is always overlooked. On your big day I am there to create a story of your wedding in its true nature, from start to finish. To be able to do that I need to totally immerse myself with you, your guests and within your day as a whole. Finding that happy medium between knowing when to take a step away and knowing when to get right in the mix begins with a connection between the couple and the photographer. No-one wants to ever remember feeling awkward on their big day and I believe my flexible approach fits around everyone.

Some things I love:

  • Photography. Obviously top of the list! I have a growing set of cameras, I will almost always have at least one me.
  • Ipswich Town FC – Being one of the club photographers at the football club I have supported my entire life has been an absolute dream. I don’t mind playing from time to time either.
  • Film & TV – Star Wars MAD. LOTR, anything Tarrintino, The Grand Budapest Hotel or anything with some sort of superhero involved. Big on Game of Thrones – who isn’t? Winter is coming.
  • Music. Can’t beat a gig. Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters or The Maccabees. Just about anything but I’m a little indie kid at heart.
  • Video games. I am partial to abit of FIFA.
  • Travelling. Everyone should of have a long bucket list of travel destinations!
  • Running. Nothing overly serious. I can just about hack a few half marathons.
  • Food. Mainly the eating part. Love of a good spice kick. My one and only weakness is a Five Guys burger, oh and a Cinnabon. Sweet sweet Cinnabon.

I would absolutely love to be a part of your special day, so get into contact, tell me about it and we’ll grab a coffee together :)


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