SONY Xperia Z3 with Jools Holland

Jools Holland on set for a new SONY Xperia Z3 advert. On Thursday 18th of June I spent the day at Church Studios in North London recording a new Sony Xperia Z3 advert with Jools Holland. My photographs will once again be used for marketing purposes across the Xperia social media pages. It was an absolute honour to be in the same room as Jools and I cannot wait to see the final cut.

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-8-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-9-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-10-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-11-June 18, 2015 SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-12-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-13-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-15-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-17-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-18-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-28-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-31-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-32-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-33-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-34-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-36-June 18, 2015

SONYXPERIA_JoolsHolland_KL-38-June 18, 2015


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Sony Xperia Z3 Run Advert

Sony Xperia Z3 Run Advert. This is the second time I have been involved with the client from Sony. The advert was being shot to display the sport features on the Xperia Z3, the Sony watch and the Sony sports band. This advert (like the first) would be shot over a day and half throughout several different locations. The advert was aired on Youtube two weeks after filming. Some of these photographs have been used in conjunction with the Youtube advert on social networking sites. Click HERE to view the filming for the first christmas Sony Xperia advert.

Sony Xperia Z3 Run-1-February 11, 2015

Sony Xperia Z3 Run-5-February 11, 2015

Sony Xperia Z3 Run -6-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-7-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-8-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-9-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-10-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-11-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-12-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-14-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-16-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-18-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-20-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-23-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-25-February 11, 2015 SonyXperiaRun-26-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-27-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-28-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-30-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-32-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-33-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-31-February 11, 2015

SonyXperiaRun-34-February 11, 2015

sony xperia z3

sony xperia z3

sony xperia z3

sony xperia z3

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SONY Xperia Z3 Advert

As if photographing Ipswich Town at Portman Road wasn’t exciting enough, the next day I was up in South Kensington photographing for a new christmas advert for the new SONY Xperia Z3 phone. The advert would take two days to complete initial shooting – these two days being split between another photographer and I. On that Sunday there were three main locations around South Kensington, including the ice rink by the National History Museum. The day went very well and it was extremely interesting to get this unique behind the scenes view into how these adverts are being shot. Photographing this advert for the SONY Xperia Z3 was a great experience for me and I look forward to the potential for much more work like this in the future. My images are to be taken and mainly used on SONYS’s social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram.

Sony Xperia AdvertSony Xperia Advert

Sony Xperia Advert

Sony Xperia Advert Sony Xperia Advert

sony xperia z3

sony xperia z3 sony xperia z3

sony xperia z3

sony xperia z3

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