Engagement shoot FAQ

January 26, 2017

If you’ve just booked up a single pre-wedding shoot or one as part of a wedding package this page may help you prepare for your engagement (PWS) shoot. First of all, I want to reassure you. Many couples are originally put off by the idea of a personal couple shoot because they believe they are going to be put on the spot and asked to do things they are uncomfortable with in front of the camera. This is simply not the case. I like to think that with my style I create a relaxed environment, we have a laugh about it and there is certainly no pressure to perform. In order for me to achieve great images that legitimately portray how you two are together, I need you guys to be relaxed. Having your photograph taken in this manner is an odd scenario and not many people like having their photos taken at the best of times. I respect this and that’s why I tell my couples to be themselves, to open up and to simply meet me half way.

– How long does it last? My pre-wedding/engagement shoots normally last for around an hour. This usually isn’t a full blown hour of shooting so this also gives us the perfect chance to take a breather, have a coffee and chit chat midway through the shoot.

– Where? I have a fair few different locations I like to use but I am always up for heading somewhere different if you guys have something in mind that is perhaps means something more to the two of you.

– When? Time of the year and day of the week is totally down to you guys. However, Sunday late afternoons and summer weekday evenings are always a good shout. If you have a shoot included in your wedding package it is also totally up to you guys how close to the big day you would like your shoot – a couple of months or a couple of weeks, I’m easy!

– What do I need to bring? Just yourselves. Don’t bring anything unnecessary that may get in the way or distract you. For example, if you bring your big lovely handbag along this may get in the way, it will restrict you in the pictures and if you don’t want it in the shots it will just mean you’ll constantly be dropping it down out of shot and picking it up between shots.

– What should I wear? Dress for comfort over style. Of course, you want to look lovely on your shoot and you may want to wear your favourite dress BUT I would much rather you guys be comfortable. If its a bit chilly bring a coat – don’t punish yourself by wearing just a t-shirt in February. Depending on the location you may want to bring along a pair of wellies and a brolly – you can never trust English weather! Signs of how uncomfortable you are will show up in the pictures. Comfort over style every time.

– Can I bring my doggy? Of course. I insist on it if we are heading somewhere suitable for dogs.

How will I receive the images? Once your images have been culled down and edited, a blog shown via my site will display the highlights of the shoot – this will be linked through social media unless another option is preferred. Linked in with that blog post will be a link to an online gallery where you can view the full set and download digitals, prints and other products if you wished to.

Lastly, be yourself. There is nothing more important to me than capturing your true personalities during this shoot. This is why I try and create a nice and relaxed environment so that you two can be yourselves and that can be seen in the resulting photos.

If you have any further concerns or queries you can always contact me at kris@lissimorephoto.co.uk


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