As of 2023 we will providing video coverage! We are super excited to be able to bring this as an add-on. We provide a very simple and consistent set-up that works perfectly alongside your photography package. Each couple will receive a stunning highlights video documenting the full day (around 8 minutes in length) and they also have the opportunity to add on full coverage of both the ceremony and speeches. Each video edited with music will perfectly capture and document your day as it is, standing perfectly side by side with the photography style. As with our photography packages, our videography services include full day coverage as a standard. We only provide two packages. Both packages include a 6 or so minute highlight video under music like above. One package includes the speeches and ceremony fully recorded and the other leaves it out. Simple.


Meet Maddie! Our principal videographer. Being a team allows us all to work together simultaneously to capture these moments. It means less admin for our couples and allows the day to flow naturally without 'too many cooks in the kitchen'. Maddie has been working in our little team for a number of years now as a second photographer but with her experience within video it seemed silly not to utilise what she has to offer!